DeepCheques date back to 1980s, it was at that time (pre-Internet) i begun using computers for making images. before that i was at fine art academy, studying classical techniques of Art and traditional Printmaking - etching, engraving, lithography etc, while equally interested in socio-politic-economic aspects of spreading images as ideas - by making copies.

computers added a new (digital) dimension to printmaking - eliminating human physical effort involved, making resolution controlable and introducing resolution-independent drawing. i called those early human|machine hybrid prints in the 1980s Informatics - they were a starting point for the DeepCheque (DC) system - now called Type 0 they form a bridge that spans 30+ years of my image making.

on purely physical level, this is Printmaking re-born and transformed, in super-productive 21st century incarnation. however, the digital dimension adds much more - ability to make every Document unique (or not), keep track of its fate, share elements between DCs, and so on. since 2018 this project is developing beautifully, giving focus for my diverse interests and activities.
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