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The DeepCheques date back to 1980s, it was at that time (pre-Internet) that i begun using computers for making images. before that i was at fine art academy, studying classical techniques of Art and traditional Printmaking - etching, engraving, lithography etc, while equally interested in social, political and economic aspects of spreading images as ideas - by making copies.

computers added a new (digital) dimension to printmaking - eliminating human physical effort involved, making resolution calculable and by making (certain types of) drawings resolution-independent. i called those early human|machine hybrid prints from the 1980s Informatics - they became a starting point for DeepCheque (DC) system. and so, the initial images (Type 0) form a bridge that spans 30+ years of my image making.

on purely physical level, this is Printmaking re-born and transformed, in digital, super-productive incarnation for the 21st century. however, the digital dimension adds much more - the ability to make every print unique (or not), keeping track of every Document's fate, sharing elements between DCs, and so on.