Much has changed since 1980s, technologies evolved, perished, new ones sprouted.
DC project is very much technology-based - technology changes all. But technologies and formats used are standard, robust and widely available. The 2 key ones are: black and white laser printer and mathematical equations established by this man - soon to be DC-featured.

Despite of its simplicity a Deep Cheque print is impossible to exactly reproduce without the original digital file. Importantly, the entire process of production is completely sealed -- no subcontractors involved. It is also ultra-efficient - proofs (stages) produced while working on a new image are simply given away as DCCs - nothing wasted !

Some art quality papers used are listed below - you can specify your preference at the acquiring stage, bearing in mind that some images suit better certain papers - i am continually experimenting and can exchange your DCD if returned intact:
- Academia (Fabriano) - 200 gsm - fine grain, off-white
- Bristol (Clairefontaine) - 205 gsm - very fine grain, very white
- Dessin (Hahnemühle) - 150 gsm - natural white, vegan
- Lavis Dessin Technique (Clairefontaine) - 200 gsm - very fine grain, off-white
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