Definition (Type 1 and Type 0):
a Deep Cheque is a limited edition (Issue) of 100 fine black and white art images on a specific theme, numbered and twice-authenticated by the maker (Issuer), printed in high-resolution (1200x1200 dpi) on archive quality paper (A4, 160 gsm or heavier).

Another Definition:
a Deep Cheque is a packet of information, that travels through time, in 100 pieces, while changing, starting with number 99 and ending when there is only one left - number 00.

Another Definition:
Deep Cheque is a certain cyberartist's (one of the first) answer to the frightful decline of creative professions, as voiced in his statement, it is a system, launched in 2018, to channel funds directly where they are needed, in an affordable yet efficient manner, while multiplying art objects of value.

this site explains and monitors the DeepCheque system of creation and distribution, plus provides the evolving functionality for the Keepers (or Players) -- check it for updates!

acquire Deep Cheques from the visuals page, check questions, communicate via contact.

this site is run from NetCells User Zone (NUZ).
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