Art market is a money game, as such not dissimilar from other money games in being skewed in favour of the rich and controlled to various degrees by intermediaries - good and bad. DeepCheque proposes a new kind of game, accessible to anyone, where intermediaries are no longer needed (although not excluded). at centre is the optative value object - OVO - which is an intricate image of art quality, multiplied a set number of times as an edition (Issue). once the edition is distributed - by a process of purchase, donation, succession - the owners become Keepers or Players, able to influence DC’s value, individually and as a Group. the Keepers can also engender new DC Issues - directly and indirectly. the game gets progressively more interesting as more DCDs are allocated.

Here are the current game rules (Type 0 and 1) - updated and improved over time, while being kept as simple as practicable:

# the size of an Issue (edition) is one hundred (100) - this fundamental rule will never be changed for the DCs already in existence. if a DC contains text there might be language versions (100 max in any language).
# each DCD (Document = single print) is signed, embossed or stamped and numbered, from 99 to 00, 00/100 being the last one.
# three (3) is a maximum of DCDs that can be acquired from one Issue by any one person.
# the Issuer can refuse to sell, to anyone, at any time.
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