There are currently six (6) Types of Deep Cheques (we might try to reduce that number):

Type 0 - original Deep Cheques exploiting my pool of early hybrid painted|computer-made drawings from 1980s

Type 1 - new Deep Cheques that include contemporary technologies like vector drawings, 3D modeling, data analysis, some are re-makes of my press work, including some iconic images seen by millions around the globe

Type C - collaborative Deep Cheques that include elements - text, data, images - provided by another person or persons, centred on a specific topic of mutual interest, the revenue is shared

Type P - also a new type of Deep Cheques - conceived specifically to support an idea, project or person - a significant (and public) percentage of the sales revenue goes directly to the supported entity more info

Type S - specially created for persons and organisations, edition size, availability is decided by the Commissioning Person, more info

Type U - a new type of Deep Cheques - unusual in being numbered but not limited in number more info

in addition to the above we now have DCNote - a substantially different idea, explained on DeepCheque.Org - it takes the DC system to entirely new dimension.
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