Few things draw attention like a suggestion of exception - so, here you have:

Proliferation Packets - during work on a new DC many proofs are made, we give away those unsigned, unnumbered prints (marked DCC = Not For Sale) or send them by standard post for a nominal fee - they give a good idea of the creation/production process and what the DCDs look like.

Initial Price Offerings - Creating new DCs takes time, which is a cost that needs to be recovered quickly. For that reason the first 3 DCDs from each edition are offered under special deal - 3 for the price of 2, or even 4 for the price of 3. Many but not all DC are available - you need to communicate about your choices.

those special offering are available via our NetCells page.

Free postage - on all DCDs until end of this month (*).

* note: you are right, of course, the month is always this month but next month might be different.
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