Deep Cheque was never a commercial project, neither it is likely to be come one.
yet, despite, or perhaps because of it, it can be a very efficient business vehicle, and, what better use for business than to feed Creating, instead of duplicating.

Deep Cheque images are:
- original and high quality
- both digital and physical
- infinitely modifiable, infinitely scalable

Deep Cheque system is:
- fast, efficient in energy, material and cost
- using standard technologies and formats of printing
- extended via algorithms, Internet and databases
- integrating and condensing many forms of communications

if you want to use DC for business/venture/project you need to make a Proposal to create a DC image of which you will be the Owner, and as an Owner you can exploit it as much as you like (within our agreed terms).

an alternative to the above is that we contact you with a Proposal from our side, most often that is in the ACT format - with a time limit to respond.
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