hello Visitor,
thank you for your interest.

this important global cultural project has an enormous potential to fuel the most precious resource of all - human Creativity.

it is based on, and it integrates, several now-standard key technologies and formats - as such it is fast, robust, cost-effective and easy to manage.

conceptually, it is elemental. it shows what it is, if it is anything.

we offer you a Job, which is entirely autonomous, self-managed, funded by commission of between 25% and 100% (yes, you have read it right) of the revenue (= money paid less costs).

the necessary requirements are listed below:
- general interest in global and local culture
- true interest and understanding of the project
- ability to read English (you are doing it - no ?)
- ability to communicate well (by text) in your own language
- basic digital literacy - Internet, email, logins

this Job is open worldwide, there is no limit to the number of takers,
but not all can do it well, this normally becomes evident in 3-6 months.

if ready - Contact us and we will give you the RoadMap
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