Apart from the Blog, that chronologically lists what actually happened, this page shows updates, dropped in as they come, into this simmering pot of ideas - some will mature into state of consumability while others get lost by evaporation - here they come:

The Lost Jockey lives! - glad to know that the musicians collective i interacted with in 1980s (yes, you read it right!) still retains its influence - as glimpsed from communication with Al Sundvall of Aery Music - and so - the seemingly crazy idea of digitising their disc cover image was not only conceived but now realised!

★ S-Type for Ali Lochhead 'message to human kind' - now ready for acquisition

★ C Type with Jan Tomkowski - the progress has been slow, but we have 2 DCs ready, why not acquire those - to encourage him, it looks like a safe investment to me...

★ C Type with Alan Marsh - started in relation to the subtle wabi-sabi concept, however, it might end up being about something else...

★ C Type with Leo Verona - based on one of his songs, a kind of life advice, we have the text in Italian and Spanish.

★ C Type with my old friend Picotto, a digital illustrator, well known in Paris - the idea is that he sends an army of robots to confront my army of robots in the image field!

last but least:
★ at the beginning of each year a new version of the Zeitgeist image will be available, based on data and pictorial elements related to the previous year - reserve your DCD now, only 99 will be available. you can always change to another image later, if you wish...

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