News are now called Update - this is more accurate as updates are not always news but news are always updates... so, here is this simmering pot of ideas - some will mature into becoming consumable while others get lost by evaporation:

★ this site (.Net) is somewhat behind our second, wider use DC site DeepCheque.Org lauched in January, now with new interface for selecting and ordering DCNotes on the Consider page.

★ the key concept of our .Org site are DCNotes - smaller images with many functions, very practical to distribute as Packets, compiled on Consider page.

★ the concept of Types is moving to DCNotes on .Org site - this is more efficient. there are many DCNote types and new ones are being invented, a special page will be added but, for now, you can find them (by acronym) in Questions, most DCNotes are GAS.

Ali Lochhead's 'message to human kind' - has now been released as a DCNote (SPR type).

★ the vectorised original image of one old London's musician collective is re-released as a DCNote.

★ the ZeitGeist concept is being refined.
each year i start working on a new ZeitGeit image related to the world events of that year. this changing and evolving image can be acquired in multiple sets as DCNote, thus supporting, distributing and documenting the work - a set number of DCNotes will give you a final Deep Cheque Document image. here is the current stage of this year's ZG22 image. remember that those images (as all DCs) can be personalised by adding your own data layer !

there is also a Blog updated whenever time is found... (ie. not very often)
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