Rules = How It Works
here are the basic ground rules, they will be extended and refined over time, while being kept as simple as possible.
Issuer is the maker of the image replicated - i.e. myself, with possible contributions from other parties, my role is to make each DC truly deep and interesting. - the Issue is a finite set of Replicas or copies, each with a number (DCR0 to a maximum of DCR99), authenticated by the Issuer’s signature - each Issue has a Topic, which gives its pictorial elements a meaning - there are various Types of Issues and new ones will be added - anyone can acquire a maximum of two (2) Replicas and thus become a Player - the Issuer can refuse to sell, to anyone, at any time - new Issues will be announced in advance, so that Players can pre-order - i.e. place bids via web site, the sum total of initial bids will determine the size of an Issue, i.e. the total number of Replicas (DCRs) (inversely proportional) - once Topic of a new Issue is announced Players can suggest elements to be added to the image (pictorial or data) - once the last Replica is gone (i.e. purchased) all owners become a Group of Players, which controls that DC’s value - the role of each Player is to contribute to the cumulative rise in value by showing, sharing, appreciating, instigating and contributing to new Issues, the DeepCheque web site will provide evolving functionality to that effect - the first DC Replicas - Type 0 - can be aquired from the 1st of May 2018 - to make the Game more exciting, all Replicas of Type 0 carry 108% buy-back Guarantee for 1 year after purchase - example: buy a DCR for £100 and you can sell it back to me for £108 one year later -- if you want! - furthermore, each Replica is replaceable, if it becomes damaged just return it for a full replacement - within the lifetime of the Issuer