Deep Cheque is an art project launched in April 2018, now with two distinct branches - this one, based on the original concept of Versioned Edition, and a wider, practical application on DeepCheque.Org.

Project draws on the life experience and vast pictorial resources of its originator - countless images created for global media, thousands of drawings, hundreds of thousands of photographs, as well as pictures taken from the news and historical sources.

In this era of profound, accelerating changes, great challenges never seen before, our key resource for dealing with those issues - Human Creativity - is fading, for many reasons, across the planet.
Countering this decline is a question of our survival as a species - this is black and white - when robots can make and fake, it's time to switch off the music, unwrap the packaging and look inside - the Human is either absent or present.

Here is the Mission Statement.