Found Jockey   Versioned Edition
The initially crazy idea of digitally re-making (in 2021) my cover image for 1981 The Lost Jockey release turned into a fascinating exercise - a meditation on how technology changes everything! each line is now infinitely controllable, (re)positioned with total precision, designated to its own layer and - on top of it - resolution-independent = it can be scaled up and down to any size.
was anything lost ? yes, about 37 hours.
but that time is easily recovered, as this intricate image is now a rich source of raw material for other DCs, just as in today's music - sampling, mixing and re-mixing.
there is something more subtle...
the original collage was made by hand, decisions were made within physical limits of the materials, light conditions, mood, thought process... it would never be drawn like this by a robot !
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