DeepCheque concept of Versioned Edition (VE) is the 21st century update of the traditional formula of limited art print edition (LE), dating back to the 19th century.
the source image here is a digital file (DC MI) in vector (svg) format, which, as such, can be output to various media, in various sizes - it consists of distinct elements (each line is an object), which can be individually changed and added to.
for practical purposes the DC VEs are produced at A4 format (297 x 210 mm) as prints on paper or matt paper-like plastic.
at this time we call those prints Instances (DCI = same as DCD), might find another term later.
to authenticate, each Instance is signed and given a 4-digit number - those numbers are unique but not consecutive and not random. each number is entered in the database, together with other data, paper versions also have an embossed DC seal (this does not work well on plastic).
importantly, each Instance varies from other Instances (slightly or a lot) - it can be personalised at the request of the Keeper (the person that buys it).
buying and selling the VE Instances is subject to certain rules - those could make you an art dealer (if interested) - they are not public, revealed to the Keepers only.
posted: 2023-02-27 | updated: 2023-05-05

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