The story goes back to 1980s, it was at that time (pre-Internet) i begun using computers to make images. before that was studying science, then, at fine art academy, classical techniques of Art and Printmaking - etching and scratching, while equally interested in socio-political aspects of spreading images as ideas - by making copies.

Computers added a new (digital) dimension to printmaking - eliminating toil, making resolution controllable, introducing layers and resolution-independent (vector) drawing. I called those early human|machine hybrid images Informatics - they were the starting point for this DeepCheque system - now called 0-Type they are a bridge that spans 40+ years of my image making.

The DeepCheque project was launched in April 2018, reclaiming, re-constructing and extending the original Informatics, and adding web technologies, the invaluable instrument of a database, in particular.

In January 2022 the DeepCheque project bifurcated.
This site is focused on art matters - making, explaining and distributing the DC Documents (DCDs), which are also issued as unauthenticated copies (DCCs) - a lengthy, difficult and hugely enjoyable process of creation and discovery.
The practical applications of the system are managed collectively, efficiently and (so far ;-) peacefully by the .org branch.
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