News are now called Update - this is more accurate as updates are not always news but news are always updates... so, here is this simmering pot of ideas - some turn to consumable while others vanish by evaporation:

★ new feature - Send DCMail.

★ this (.Net) site has been updated, in line with the second, wider use, DC site DeepCheque.Org.

★ the key concept of our .Org site are DCNotes - smaller images with many functions, very practical to distribute as Packets, compiled on Consider page.

★ the concept of Types is moving to DCNotes on .Org site - this is more efficient. there are many DCNote types and new ones are being invented, a special page will be added but, for now, you can find them (by acronym) in Questions, most DCNotes are GAS.

Ali Lochhead's 'message to human kind' - has now been released as a DCNote (SPR type).

★ the vectorised original image of one old London's musician collective is re-released as a DCNote.

★ the ZeitGeist concept is extended and refined.
there is a new edition each year and it refers to the world events of that year.
ZG22 is now available and the ZG23 has been started.

there is also a Blog updated whenever time is found... (ie. not very often)
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