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The global challenges we face, in 2023, are enormous, existential - but the crucial resource to face them - Human Creativity - is in decline. It will not be replaced by fake, machine-made mimicry.
The Deep Cheque project, started in 2018, has, for its sole purpose supporting and rewarding human Creativity and people who appreciate it.

This is done in two modes - by creation of Art Objects, available in Versioned Edition - numbered, authenticated, modifiable prints, and - by construction of Communication Objects - fit for all uses of print media - from informative to commercial.

This system uses the widely established technologies and formats - both digital and physical - Internet, programming, database, vector drawing, laser printing - and, as such, it is cost-effective and efficient.

The wide range of uses and products is shown and explained on two sites:
DeepCheque.NET = this one

This project draws on the life experience and knowledge of its originator, with hundreds of thousands of digital images, many created for the world media, as well as historical sources, public resources and data. It is supported by NetCells - a London-based company established in 2004 and a global network of contributors and propagators.
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