The DeepCheque project, started in 2018, draws on the life experience and vast pictorial resources of its originator - countless images created for the global media, thousands of drawings, hundreds of thousands of photographs, as well as other images taken from the news and from historical sources and vectorised.

This project has grown now into a System - efficient and adaptable, with two branches that complement one another - one abstract and high-minded (you are looking at it) and the other - commonsensical, self-evident, practical, quick, easily modified - see it in the .org version.

The core principle of DeepCheque is that Creativity has value - that value must be recognised, upheld and cultivated - or - it will decline - this danger is real.

We are living the times of unprecedented change, this change is global, profound and accelerating.
everything is at stake, including our very survival on this planet.
everyone is concerned, everyone's attitude matters.
to support Creativity is more than to bring beauty and originality to your life, it is to nurture possibly the most important resource we all have - the ability to invent, reflect, understand, communicate across the planet. This project fuses some now standard technologies and formats to bring inventiveness to its human source, when robots can make and fake, this is black on white, yes or no, the individual is present or absent.

To get a glimpse you might want to look at the Visuals, scan the Questions
or perhas go straight to the practical .ORG site where you can launch your own project, digital and/or physical, employing your own images and data.
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