This Abstract page considers the artistic and philosophical aspects of the DeepCheque system, quite apart from all practical/utilitarian matters now suitably carried by DeepCheque.ORG.

At this epoch where the very concept of Art has been undermined, corrupted and distorted to a point of losing most of its validity our choice is to either re-invent it or simply abandon it to the marketing personnel, the choice is yours, for my part i try to re-define it, at least until a new term is found (it will not be "CyberArt", thank you).

At this epoch where machines will assemble, in seconds, from a few written clues, a bunch of ("sur")realistic and "pleasing" images, in order to retain our humanity we must stop and think, search for other ways, other methods, other criteria.
My chosen path was not lost, in some 30 years, the images found have not faded - on the contrary, they gained clarity, new technologies gave them new dimensions, i continue...
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