yes, sure -- who wouldn't!
it's a Win-Win-Win situation where you could gain thousands of your local currency units and make your friends very happy, while co-creating an objet d'art of some value :-)

however, a few elements have to be in place before this can happen...
first, you need read what DC is about, please do not waste my time until you have done that
second, you need ideas - that is to say, you need to be genuinely creative or knowledgeable in some domain
third, i need to relate to those ideas in some way, i must be interested in visualising them
forth, we need to communicate in honest and efficient manner - no hidden messages please
useful if you can distribute our creation - that is - find people who will acquire the DCDs - it will substantially increase your revenue percentage (up to 50%)

a collaborative DC can be a very smart way to finance your project - if you can pull it off.
send me a short text that sums up your topic, with connected ideas and i will respond without delay.

before you attempt making a C-Type it is a good idea to produce some DCNotes - that can be very easy and quick - it would give us a valuable experience and feedback.
DCNotes are handled by a separate web site DeepCheque.ORG.
posted: 2022-02-15

for Questions related to DCNotes please go to the Deep Cheque Org site.

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