first of all, i stress that there is no pressure on you to do distribution (sales). you have guaranteed 20% of the revenue at the outset, even if you do nothing.

but - clearly - it is in your own interest to help distribute your co-creation, otherwise, why do it in the first place? if you do distribute, your gain can go all the way to 50% of total revenue from that DC.

our experience shows that high participation does not happen easily. to encourage you, your initial 10% or even 20% can be paid upfront - in DCDs! that means that you get 10 or 20 DCDs (high resolution authenticated prints) - of the edition of 100, which are yours to sell or do whatever you want with them - plus - you can still continue working up to your 50% - you might get to like it :-)

one good formula - unless you have a better idea - is that we send you 10 your of your guaranteed DCDs allocation (on typical edition of 100) and if you have not distributed most of them in, say, 6 months we send you the other 10 to fulfill our obligation and conclude our collaboration.
posted: 2021-11-14

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