the DC system can be an elegant, efficient and lasting way to promote an idea, organisation or even a product, there are two ways:
- produce a collaborative DC (Type C) - that not only costs you nothing but will bring revenue! explained in FAQ#15
- commission a special DC (Type S) - this would have to be financed by yourself or your organisation, however, there are not limits on the number of DCDs (Issue), and, just about anything else can be modified.

in both cases, i need to make clear that: your idea(s) needs to be compatible with my ideas and - ideally - of some interest to me. i can not possibly promote any products that i have not tried myself and believe they are worth promoting, furthermore - no religion(s) - thanks! otherwise - try me :-)

important update:
you will probably find DCNotes much easier and quicker way of promoting - handled by a separate web site DeepCheque.ORG, check Questions. the same elements can be shared between DCs and DCNotes.
posted: 2022-02-15

for Questions related to DCNotes please go to the Deep Cheque Org site.

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