U-Type is new but set to become an important one. it is different in not having a set edition limit. the prints (DCDs) are numbered when made but re-printed as they run out. the image itself evolves in time - new elements are added, so, each DCD is a historical record of its kind.
DCDUs can be sold, exchanged or simply given out, as a gesture of appreciation, award, proof, reminder, etc - as decided by the Commissioning Person.
many flavours are possible - unsigned, signed by one or by many, stamped, produced as an art object or as an exchangeable token.
example 1: you are writing a book.
distribute DCDUs in return for donation or some other support - when the book is printed each donor is sent a copy.
example 2: you supply services on regular basis.
offer DCDUs as objet d'art when a client spends over a certain amount (P-Type can also be used for that purpose).
example 3: you support a cause or have a project that needs financing.
send DCDUs as proofs of contribution, to be proudly displayed by the donor.
posted: 2021-04-20

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