My invention, in 2022, of Versioned Edition established the pricing method and resolved quite a few problems in the process.

Now, when new editions are launched the price of DCDs is set at a certain (3 digits or more) figure, which depends on several factors, this figure does not need to be high. This figure, in time, tends to drift upwards.

you can commission your own DC or a DCNote and then you can decide its price yourself.

If and when you want to sell your DCD you can name any figure you like (since they are unique), you only need one other person to agree with you.
More importantly - it is for you and not for anyone else to decide what a thing is worth.
posted: 2021-03-06 | updated: 2023-06-27

for Questions related to DCNotes please go to the Deep Cheque Org site.

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