In principle, anyone can be a Considerator - that is a person contributing to a particular DC, by providing an insight, based on individual knowledge and/or experience.
in the rotten world outside the DC system those people would be called consultants. we despise that term, so widely abused, to renew and improve we went straight to its Latin root where we found consultāre - de consulĕre - 'considerar', 'deliberar'..
Considerator's input is normally in form of text, analytical or expository in style, relating to the DC image itself but in no other way restricted.

another mode of being Considerator is attending to many DCs. that is essentially a paid research job, (remunerated, by preference, in DCDs), where you can define and extend your area of interest. in that case the Considerator's contribution can be limited to data - in whatever form, complete with links that show origin of those data. examples of such activity will be shown soon.

Considerators (if any) are listed in a particular DC's credits. once we have a few, they will all be listed again, together with their subject, on a separated page.
posted: 2022-01-21

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