why laser printer ?

because, somehow overlooked until now, (to my knowledge) laser printer is a terrific creative tool.
whoever scratched that metal plate with a needle, dragged a squeegee, cranked that printing press will know exactly what i mean !
laser printer is your always-ready assistant, ready to deliver the image in seconds, so fast that creating images becomes an almost pure thought process...
and, a thought process is what it is about, at least for me.

why black and white ?

because the colour laser prints are ugly, have this shiny and "baked" look, with colour being unreliable.

even more importantly, black and white shrinks the bandwidth, black and white is beautiful, invites thinking, like writing, it is a "cool" medium, in McLuhan sense.

another important reason is that laser printers are now a widely available, efficient and affordable technology - this makes the production process secure and self-contained.
posted: 2022-02-15 | updated: 2023-05-05

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