As an inventor and a regular practitioner of the Versioned Edition concept i can tell you that is a great way of working.
each time i look at one of my images i see something to improve. and, the DC vector technology makes it possible - each line is an Object, those objects are on Layers, everything is modifiable, with absolute precision.
it would be silly not to use those wonderful creative features !

each Versioned Edition becomes a time record of its own creative process. when a new Instance (print) is produced it is re-thought, re-created, like a piece of music performed anew...
you want to add your own elements ? - yes, you can !
but that is not all.
there are specific rules involved in buying and selling the individual Instances (prints) that can make you an art dealer - let me know if interested and i will explain.
posted: 2023-03-02

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