DCNotes are a practical implementation of the Deep Cheque system, they a wide range of uses, similar to any printing medium.
at the same time they can help to create and support over time the work on a DC image.

not every DC has a corresponding DCNote and not each DCNote has a corresponding DC, but if they do the process of making a DCNote from a DC is shown in the animation below:

when a DC image is started, generally, to make a Versioned Edition, a DCNote can also be created - that gives a good idea of the DC image in a cropped version, with its ID number, and a Type (in this case GAS}, optionally a phrase (as seen here), web address, QR code or any other information can also be added.
posted: 2023-03-02

for Questions related to DCNotes please go to the Deep Cheque Org site.

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