The Deep Cheque project democratises Art not only by making it affordable to just about anyone, but also by making co-creation possible.

The first objective was reached in early 2022, with our two formulae:
Versioned Edition and Counted Edition.
Those editions consist of numbered and authenticated Art Objects continually produced during the artist lifetime. In principle, any artist can produce those editions under the DC terms - ie. each print is logged in our database for future reference and authentication.
In Versioned Edition the Art Object is re-created on each issue, it can contain elements supplied by the buyer.
In case of a Counted Edition all prints are the same, produced at set intervals - maximum of of one a week, one a month - this limit is logged at outset and made public.

The second objective - co-creation - is achieved by adding your own elements to Versioned Edition via Communication Object.
posted: 2023-03-02 | updated: 2023-11-18

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