My concept of Optative Value Object (OVO) is not new (2018) but it is only now that a workable formula is found.

It is a variant of a DC Art Object - jointly owned by two (or more) parties - one party being the creator of the image, the other - commissioning person(s), co-creator(s), data contributor(s) etc.
So, it is a form of partnership, where the revenue is shared (normally at equal parts although that can be changed).
Our concepts of Counted Edition (CE) and Versioned Edition (VE) make such partnership possible (while not guaranteed easy), at the same time resolving one frequent problem of partnerships - the unequal value of each party's contribution - details of the solution are given to the partner candidates.

In essence, an OVO is purpose-made, art-quality, updateable image edition, designed to bring a steady revenue stream to the partners involved. You might have gathered that creating an OVO is neither quick or easy. In fact, the right way to view it is as a formidable challenge ! And, it is normal to consider that there will be costs involved. However, the prospective benefits are also formidable, the costs can be deferred and the process of creation can be immensely enjoyable - consider it if you dare !

posted: 2024-05-20 | updated: 2024-05-27

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