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#15 I want to make a Collaborative DeepCheque with you!

yes, sure -- who wouldn't!
it's a Win-Win-Win situation where you could gain thousands of your local currency units and make your friends very happy, while co-creating an objet d'art of some value :-)

however, a few elements have to be in place before this can happen...
first, you need ideas - that is to say, you need to be a genuinely creative or knowledgeable person
second, i need to relate to those ideas in some way, i must be interested in visualising them
third, we need to communicate in honest and efficient manner - no hidden messages please
useful if you can distribute our creation - that is - find people who will acquire the DCDs - it will substantially increase your revenue percentage (up to 50%)

a collaborative DC can be a very smart way to finance your project, send me a short text that sums up your topic, with connected ideas and i will respond without delay.