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Deep Cheque is a worldwide system that assigns value to Human Creativity (HC), materialises that value in Art Object and communicates it via black and white print (Gutenberg Galaxy extended).
It (re)defines Art as Information, when applied for practical purposes it is distributed via standard print items called DCNotes - more about that on DeepCheque.Org.

Key Features
~ acquisition of Art accessible to all, regardless of wealth or lack of it = democratise Art
~ brings revenue to the author = feed Creativity
~ not just personalisation but co-creation and even joint ownership of Art is possible
~ communicates efficiently at low or no cost via standard technologies
~ is dual - both digital and physical - extensively using but not reliant on Internet
~ is independent - all processes and production are self-managed

Key Concepts
DeepCheque Art Object (DC, DCD, CEA, VEA)
Counted Edition (CE)
Versioned Edition (VE)
Optative Value Object (OVO)

Started in 2018, this project draws on the life experience and knowledge of its originator, with hundreds of thousands of digital images, many created for the world media, as well as historical sources, public resources and data. It is supported by NetCells - a London-based company established in 2004 and a global network of contributors and propagators.
The system is continually evolving, as shown on both sites: DeepCheque.Net and DeepCheque.Org

All communications are welcome.
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