this question is often asked and the answer, unfortunately, is not easy.

i am the inventor and developer of the Deep Cheque system.
my purpose is to make creativity, sustainable and even profitable, to the creators themselves, while bringing gains to the people supporting them, in the most direct manner possible. i have no particular urge to own or control the system - if it could be used to help other artists i would be delighted.
and, of course, in principle - it can!
this is when it becomes complicated - as with anything involving humans!
those curious animals have the uncanny ability to screw up each and any good idea ever conceived by one in their midst. a multitude of questions and problems immediately manifest themselves, like:
- how to maintain artistic excellence?
- how to maintain production standards?
- how to decide new and modify existing rules?
- what to do with makers who break the rules?
- what is a "true" DC?

for that reason -- no! at this time, the only way other artists can make Deep Cheques is via Type C - and that's already difficult.
the system is still new, once the experience is gained i will see how this can be extended.
if you want to contribute to this - do get in touch - the door is open!

UPDATE ( keeping the original question for now )
this problem has been solved and the answer is YES ! - read about DCNote on DeepCheque.Org - it takes the DC system into entirely new dimension.
posted: 2022-01-31

for Questions related to DCNotes please go to the Deep Cheque Org site.

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