Art Object is nothing new, in use for centuries, evolving or perhaps devolving, it turns out anything can be one now - including packaged excrement or simply empty space, not to mention a potentially infinite range of everyday objects.

Our Art Object concept used here is different - clearly defined and coherent, both physical and digital, innovative but rooted in art history. Expressed as Versioned Edition it is a numbered, triple-authenticated, black and white art print on paper or on moisture-proof paper-like material. But are different, to varying degrees, they can include elements added by or related to the person acquiring.

A digital file is the source of this multiple Art Object, which can be used in storing value and exchange.
Art has always been used in this manner by the rich, my role is to democratise this function - DC Art Object is most affordable, with initial value set at 100 - its future art/exchange value is unknown but reasonably assumed to be greater than its acquisition value - with no upper limit - that is a particularity of Art.
posted: 2023-03-02 | updated: 2023-08-04

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