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Found Jockey 21 [DCiD:1929]
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The initially crazy idea of digitally re-making my cover image for 1981 The Lost Jockey release turned into a fascinating exercise - a meditation on how technology changes everything! each line is now infinitely controllable,(re)positioned with total precision, designated to its own layer and - on top of it - resolution-independent - can be scaled up and down to any size.

the image is now ready, even though i will continue adjusting and refining it until the Issue (edition) of 100 runs out!

incidentally, this intricate image also becomes a rich source of raw material for other DCs, just as in today's music - sampling, mixing and re-mixing.

as - amazingly - this year four (4) decades elapse since the original image was made in London, i pledge 1K from the sales to the group's ex-members... if they come up with some suitable response - collectively - or individually - stand by for updates!
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