Pulsion   Versioned Edition
before you ask, there is no such word as "pulsion" in the English language, curiously, it was somehow barred from crossing the Channel, although its close derivatives - propulsion, repulsion, compulsion, not to mention expulsion, were admitted.
for its exact meaning, in this context, refer to the discourse of Bernard Stiegler, easily found on the web, preferably in French.

the main topic of the image is the elaborate machinery processing desires into commodity, now on a global scale.

the image, originally made in October 1987, then re-made in 1989, was completely re-built (as vector) in December 2021, almost 33 years later !
on that occasion, once again, i conclude that technology changes everything - my work on this was a very significant addition to the DC production system.

what you see here is approximate, the image (and the topic) is complex, it keeps evolving and updating - under the Versioned Edition formula each DCD print is unique, you can personalise yours.
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