Neuf Zero   Versioned Edition
based on this image, published in 1990 in London, about the astonishing transformation of Europe following collapse of the Soviet Union - officially dissolved on 25th December 1991 - it released the entire Eastern Block from their cage. the ideals of communism to which millions sacrified their lives turned out to be just a fairytale.
the airplane is of the Russian Mig type, we also see many other elements related to the Cold War era. US Dollar looked like an unquestionable winner.
Neuf Zero refers to J-L Godard's film of the same name - this title might well change - i continue work on this image, in Versioned Edition. Versioned Edition concept is, of course, perfectly apt here, for some 30 years (until 2022) it never crossed my mind that the dark absurdity of those Cold War times might return... and, so it does - yes - those half-forgotten ugly old toys are at play again... (plus many more).
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