Zeitgeist20   Versioned Edition
This image was the first in new generation of Zeitgeist images - one for each passing year, intricately linked with world events in that period.

2020 - that momentous, game-changing, eye-opening, never-to-be-forgotten year is portrayed here in graphic detail.
the main - "ghost" - part of the image is open to interpretation, like the pandemic itself, two-part, symmetrical, kind of a Rorschach test - make of it what you will, see an outline of a mask, superimposed.
but the rest of the image is based on hard facts - we saw bodies pile up - in Manaus, New York, India, Tunisia... the global DAILY death count is shown in this image as lying figures, carried on by the "river of deaths" graph in upper part of the image. each one of those horizontal figures represents a number of people equal to the figures we see at the lower part of the image - about 333, (3 figures in upper part represent a thousand). the figures in lower part also show the progressive polarisation of societies - in US and elsewhere.

available in Versioned Edition - each one different from the other, you can modify and add your own particular elements to the DCD you acquire.

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