message to human kind   Versioned Edition
created for Ali Lochhead based on her text - below:

The Void

Warping reality,
Malignant Ego spins,
matrix within Matrix;
A complex of worlds within.
bubble within Bubble
echoes fake Eternity;
mirrors mirror Mirrors,
reflecting false Infinity;
Vortexes spin,
sucking us in
to a new dimensionality ,
Full of potentiality,
Promising more
Than All There Is.

As Deludes we Think
We are Superior,
all else is inferior,
But the reality we're Faking,
the construct we're co-creating
is a cage built with Enmity,
infused with Hostility,
enmeshed with Stupidity,
that holds us Bound within.

Ignorance is Artillery
for the Malignancy
that plays us
The bedrock of Duplicity,
knowing not civility,
unaware of its Futility,
Care-less in our Destruction,
for it only seeks to Strengthen
Its Dominion
and its grip

So, we are Barred from reality,
Trapped in Mortality,
A Duality
increasing Polarity,
The cycle repeats Endlessly,
And the matrix forms a skin.

The Mirage of Mal Ego’s making,
Sheer, and yet breath-taking,
Its twisting, writhing Trickery,
Its carefully crafted Mimicry,
The Void it’s generating,
Life-and-Love forsaking,
Is the means of our escaping.

For when it is Intense
The illusion's thick and Dense,
There's a point where the Insanity
Is clear to comprehend.
It's not a bottomless pit,
The Madness has an End.

If you can own your own Reflection?
Can you see through the Projection?
In the midst of this hell-making
can we love,
even Here?

Will we still seek to Conquer,
Imagining we'll Prosper?
Will we still Aspire
to be dragged
into the Mire?

Dear friends, can we see?
Can we find humility?
Be peaceful and accept?
Or will we fight and reject
Can we be?
Can we rise up?
Be free?

Do you know how beautiful you are?

The day has come,
the time is now.
And the choice is ours
to make.
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